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Local Action Group
Valašsko-Horní Vsacko, o.s.


adress: Hovězí 74, 756 01 Hovězí

email: mas@masvhv.cz

account number: 232805801 / 0300


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LAG Valašsko - Horní Vsacko was estabilished in 2007, when was prepared Strategy for the period 2008 -2013. In 2009 was our Strategic Plan LEADER choosen to the financially support and the door for drawing money from EU funds was opened. Our LAG began to distribute the money at the local level among farmers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and municipalities, which operates in our area.



The all round developement based on partnership of public, non-profit and entrepreneurs subjects.


LAG Valašsko - Horní Vsacko will be region, which offers full-value and maintainable development for its inhabitants, The intention comes out from specific conditions and traditions of this region. Currently region Valašsko - Horní Vsacko offers visitors wide spectrum of turism and outdoor recreation based on using existing and new built capacity. 






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MAS Nízký Jeseník


Občianské združenie TNC




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